This trail is located between the Doc's Beach and Sand Bar Trails, throw in a few new exciting obstacles and you get "Coyote Gulch." This trail is so new that the route has not been totally picked yet. When picked, it will be a great middle difficulty trail that takes advantage of all Doc's Beach area has to offer. There will be steep climbs, steep descents and off camber sections that will leave you stuck to your seat. You will have a blast!!!

Doc's Beach is one of the pinnacle trails of the Vernal area, and has become well-known for its grippy sand stone surface, moon-like appearance, and some of the greatest scenery that can only be seen from this trail.  With views of the lush Dry Fork Canyon lined with huge rock cliff canyon walls. 



* Body damage is possible. 

* Scratches are possible. 


Pause to take in views of Dry Fork Canyon immediately to the west from Dear Crack with the Vernal Valley in the distance to the south. 


Sand stone waving surfaces including canyons, wedges, and ledges.  Some sand, dirt hills, and scratchy brush.